Self Repair is a active skill available at level 0 in the physical tree. Upon activating it, mutants have an amount of their health restored dependent on their max hp. A small amount of health is also restored to nearby allies.


Patches injuries to instantly restore a large percentage of health to you and allies around you.

Mana Cost: 20s

Recharge Time: 10s

Level 1 Level 2 Level 10 Level 15
Health Restored 15% of max hp 20% of max hp 60% of max hp 85% of max hp
Allied Health Restored 12% of max hp 14% of max hp 20% of max hp 30% of max hp
Healing Range 3m 3m 3m 3m


  • First introduced in version 0.5.
  • Self Repair is the only active healing skill. Although this means that mana must be kept track of as well, it allows greater freedom in when it is used; it can be activated both in and outside of combat.