Community Credits are used to unlock various Player Customization.

You can get Community Credits(abreviated as CC) in 6 ways.

1.Donations(This feature is disabled until version 1.0.Every american dollar will give 100 community credits)

2.Play the game.This is the simplest and the funnest way to get CC.You get 1 CC per game hour.

3.Host Servers.This one can get you alot of CC.

4.Create maps.Each hour hour played on your map equals 1 CC

5.Recruit Players.In order to do this one,the recruit needs to type your name(Ex:Killimanjaro) in the reference box when they are creating an account.Each hour from each recruit get's you one CC

6.Collecting Reference Bonus.Everytime someone writes a player name in the reference box,they get 50 instant CC.

Cc reference

This is how the Account Creating box looks like!

Cc total

This is the CC box,it shows you how much you donated,played,hosted,recruited etc.